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Stephen Irish


45 minute lesson                         $100

Series of 4 Lessons                     $350

Junior's Lessons (15 & Under)   $50

60 Minute - 2 Person Lesson    $50 per person

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Stephen Irish - Bio

Stephen believes that every person is unique…size, flexibility, abilities and etc. Teaching the individual is vital because every swing is not the same. The golf swing is about rhythm, tempo, and a sequence of movements to get power through the golf ball. This creates more solid and consistent shots, and that’s why better players make it “LOOK EASY”.


By teaching the fundamentals of the grip, stance and posture, it sets up the student to get started on the correct path to a better, more consistent golf swing. Nevertheless, no matter how good your golf swing and ball striking are, a solid short game can be the biggest game changer for players of all levels!


History of past experience:

· Playing for over 45 years

· Played 3 AZ State tournaments while in High School

· 1991 2nd Team All-American at Glendale CC

· 1994 1st Team All-Conference at Southern Illinois University

· PGA Tour of Canada (MacKenzie Tour) member 1998-1999

· Director of Instruction at Palm Valley GC 2000-2002 (worked under Bill Forrest)

· Gateway Tour member 2002


Steve has been a part of the Valley Golf team since 2021.

Contact Stephen Irish

Cell: 602-405-7248

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