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Paul Bielski


45 minute lesson                         $75

Series of 4 Lessons                     $250

Junior's Lessons (15 & Under)   $50

60 Minute - 2 Person Lesson    $45 per person

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Paul Bielski - Bio

Building a solid foundation based on the fundamentals is key to Paul’s instruction. Guiding a player to understand how proper grip, alignment, stance and posture work together to allow them to build a good base for a repeatable golf swing.

Paul teaches players of all skill levels, but specializes in beginners mid-handicap players.

History of past experience:

· 17 years of golf instruction experience

· Passed PGA Players Ability Test

· PGA Apprentice Program

· Competed in Michigan PGA Sectional Events

· Head Golf Professional @ Red Oaks Golf Dome & Sports Village (1998-2006)

· Certified in Titleist Custom Fitting


Paul has been a part of the Valley Golf team since 2016.

Contact Paul Bielski

Cell: 248-798-9241

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