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Mike Verhagen


45 minute lesson                       $75

Series of 4 Lessons                   $250

Junior's Lessons (15 & Under)  $45

60 Minute - 2 Person Lesson   $50 per person

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Mike Verhagen - Bio

Helping every student understand their swing tendencies & creating a plan to improve upon them are the cornerstones of Mike’s coaching philosophy. Being able to diagnose & understand what is going on and make corrections on and off the course is key to improving your game!


Mike is certified in multiple software and data gathering devices, which provide data driven feedback on your golf swing.


History of past experience:

· 22 years as a Golf Professional

· PGA of Canada member 2002-2010

· Gateway Tour member 2009

· Owned and operated MVP Golf, a club fitting and repair shop

· SPORTSBOX 3D Certified

· V1 Pro Certified

· Hackmotion Pro Wrist Sensor Certified

· BodiTrak Pressure Mat Certified

· Certified Club Fitter


Mike has been a part of the Valley Golf team since 2020.

Contact Mike Verhagen

V1 Golf App Instructor Address:  


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